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Import custom fields from GSAK

PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2019 8:07 am
by Canis L. ALbus

Let me start to say that i love the new version of L4C!!!

In GSAK it is possible to create custom fields.
It would help me a lot if these fields are also imported from the GSAK DB of the GPX files.

So is you are able to do this it would be great.
If nesseccary i can provide you a Database and GPX with custom fields.

Re: Import custom fields from GSAK

PostPosted: Tue Nov 26, 2019 1:13 pm
by Catweezle
How I use my GSAK data file in L4Cpro

1. Load the data file in your GSAK data base window
2. If necessary make a filter with for instance all your found traditionals with a note
3. Goto to menu file and choose export GPX/LOC file
4. Choose name for the file and the location where you want to save your gpx file
5. Copy the file the file on your PC with Windows explorer to ÏCoud Drive
6. Start L4Cpro and press load list and press add list
7. Make a category name e.g. Test and press oke
8. Now you see your list Test in the No Filter category
9. Press and use import GPX/GSAK file
10. Press Select file Test and start import of the file
11. Now all the selected GSAK files are in this filter and you can see them in L4Cpro
12. Go to the logs of a cache and you can see your GSAK notes

Very pour English sorry for that but hopefully you can understand what I wrote
Works perfect in L4Cpro and fast.