L4C to recognise Geocaching email URL links

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L4C to recognise Geocaching email URL links

Postby PlasmaWave » Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:55 am

Notification emails from Geocaching.com (for example, new cache publications) include a URL link next to the cache 'Name' (see attached image).

If the user presses and holds this link for a few seconds a list of options is displayed ... options include opening the cache in Safari or the official Geocaching app (plus other options).

MY REQUEST is for L4C to appear in the option list, so cache details can be loaded directly into a L4C folder.

To achieve this, L4C would need to recognice the URL directly, e.g. "http://coord.info/GCxxxxx", in a similar way to the official app.


Note: if Safari is selected from above option list, the user can load the cache details from the browser into L4C by clicking "GPX File" on the cache page. This however involves a couple of extra steps.
URL Options - select+hold NAME v3.jpg
Add L4C to Geocaching email link options
Browser cache page 'GPX File' options v2.jpg
L4C is an option if browser cache page 'GPX File' button is pressed
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