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POI import

Postby decover » Sat Sep 29, 2012 8:19 pm

Hi Thorsten! :)
I am really excited about your work and thanks to you there's finally good app for GC on ios. I just bought your pro version and really like it.
Only one last thing I need. And that is to be able import my "POIs" into the app. The thing is, I have list of final coordinates in excel (kind of long list from friends) and I would like to import them and view them on map as some kind of POIs or Waypoints. So I go to http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/ and and now I have gpx file with those waypoints.
On android I used Locus for geocaching and it could parse this gpx file just ok.
So can you look at it for me? Is there any chance you can implement this in some future version?

Thanks and keep up good work! :D

PS: sample of the gpx: http://cl.ly/43181j0H180s
And btw is there any file size limit for those maps created in MOBAC? (or limits by ios?)
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Re: POI import

Postby Thorsten » Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:03 pm


I just looked the gpx file and the reason why nothing is imported is, that there is no <sym> tag. These tag I check if the <wpt> is a cache or a waypoint. And the name of the cache I use out of <groundspeak:name> out of <groundspeak:cache>, because the normal name-tag includes terrain and difficulty.

The minimal gpx informations look so:
<wpt lat="50.084916667" lon="14.407366667">
<groundspeak:name>Cache name here</groundspeak:name>

I don´t know if you can create this with gpxvisualizer..

For map files I don´t know about a limit. But as bigger the file grows, as slower the loading times of the tile images get.. I cache with a 1,3 GB file with good performance..

Best, Thorsten
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