Show all Waypoints on Map

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Show all Waypoints on Map

Post by flintstones »

Hi there,
I would like to request a feature that allows an option to show all waypoints of all caches from the selected (offline) list on the map together with all the caches (not just when a cache is selected but for all caches all the time).
I have recently moved over from geosphere and this is the single most important feature missing IMO at the moment to make this an even better app than geosphere was/is!!! In lots of other ways L4C is already amazing but this feature is really truly missed in daily operation.

This has been once requested by a user back in 2014: Short list of feature requests Postby bfabry » Fri Aug 08, 2014, so I thought I bring it back up on the agenda.

Here are reasons why this is important and usefull:

1. We have a bunch of challenge caches forming a BIG geoart and the final coords are scattered all over town as final waypoints, if they were on the map I could walk along and collect them as I would with the traditionals in between, as it is I would miss them and walk past since there is no way of knowing if in an empty space there might be one of those final waypoints. Geospehere just showed them on the map as a certain color flag waypoint and so I knew what they were and where they were.
2. Sometimes you have multies that go along though the entire city, eg along the Elbe in Hamburg was one all the way out to the endge of town, it was great having the waypoints always show up on the map when I was caching in some areas I could do station of the big multi on the side and over time finish the multi, again as it is with L4Caches I would not know if there is a waypoint of some distant multi at a certain spot I am standing and would miss out doing the waypoint. (in geosphere again they were yellow colored flags and you knew right away without selecting them what they are - upon selection they would take you to the waypoint info and with another click you would be at the geocache the waypoint belongs to to see what this is all about and to read the description if necessary (sometimes the waypoints themselves have the necessary description)
3. when you do a longer multi in the intended order and along the way are a bunch of other caches (or two mulites overlap each other) than it would be great to see all waypoints as not to miss one on the way while looking at the other caches and not having the multi selected all the time.
4 last but not least, this has been mentioned most often by others, and it is very useful but not nearly as essential as the first 2 points. When looking for parking in an area to do some caches, it is gold if you find a parking spot on the map and often only one in 10 has one marked, if waypoints are on the map you can spot the carparking option right away, if you would have to click all caches to look for one it is hopeless. (again in geosphere this was done with blue flags - same as your P waypoints so they are easy to identify - this works really well)

5. same is true for trail access if some caches have those waypoints and other don't it is easier to navigate having those waypoints always on the map, its just extra information that can help on the map.

And before you ask "do you really want all those waypoints on the map", YES, I have been doing this for a long time and it is by far more helpful than an issue. There are not too many waypoints for most caches other than the occasional multie that has lots of waypoints in close proximity and shows up as a big cluster on the map, but they never much distract me finding my way around. And for those examples above those would be really useful, well I'd say essential.

I would love to see this implemented some time in the near future.
Thank you very much for your time,
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Re: Show all Waypoints on Map

Post by Geodarts »

Agreed with this request.
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Re: Show all Waypoints on Map

Post by Plumsklo »

Maybe, this will be a great feature.
This is my only missing thing in l4c.
If all waypoints, stages will be displayed on my iphone, i will no longer need the garmin.

Thx for all your effort!

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Re: Show all Waypoints on Map

Post by Orxion »

so, it has been 4 years sinc original request, anything new?

or at least to show specific wpt for all caches (finals) - any solution? anybody? thx :)
iPhone user
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