Show log length while creating a log

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Show log length while creating a log

Postby Nyh » Mon Dec 23, 2019 10:24 am

Working on an iPad pro and using Looking4Cache Pro -V4.2.0 (00324)

I ran into an annoying problem. I was writing a log, wanted to send it and got the error "The log note cannot be longer than 4000 characters." OK, but what is the current log length? I edited the log in Apple Pages on my iPad until Pages said de character count (including white spaces) was less than 4000. But I still couldn't send the log. I want to know haw many characters I have to trim to get under the 4000 character limit.

Please, either show the number of characters while editing or tell me the length while displaying the log is too long error.

Thanks, Hans -Nyh- Wessels
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