Pending communication.

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Pending communication.

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After a nice day of geocaching I wrote a log concerning the caches I found. Then I tried to send te caches in one big batch (send all local logs). I got for every cache an error: "Request failed: bad request (400)". I am afraid the logs were more than 4000 characters. But I can not check this fact. While writing and saving the logs there is no warning the log is too long. Nor can I see anywhere in Looking 4 cache pro the length of a log.

Now I am stuck with 23 pending communication errors with as probable cause a too long log length.

But I cannot fix this problem. The only thing I can do is delete the logs and start all over again?

I am NOT happy with this. This is clearly a bug in Looking4Cache Pro - V4.2.0 (00324).

Hans -Nyh- Wessels
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