v4.0 cache list refresh speed very slow

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v4.0 cache list refresh speed very slow

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The new L4C v4.0 is very slow when refreshing cache lists, or when doing a search. V3.0 was very fast.

Two results for me in v4.0:
381 caches refreshed in 84s
140 caches refreshed in 31s

This is only 4.5 caches/s

In v3.0 I was getting about 40 caches/s.

My friend uses GC Droid app. It was also very slow with new API, but then developer found a solution. GC Droid (beta release) is now getting 37 caches /s.

Advice from my friend (who is a Reviewer):

“The API can handle up to 60 calls per minute (ie. one per second). If the developer makes the API calls asynchronous, they can send one request per second and get the results back as they arrive. Traditionally, app developers would just send a request and wait for a response. Which is a lot slower.”

Maybe this would help L4C get fast again?

I LOVE all the other new features. Thank you.
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