Importing using GSAK

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Importing using GSAK

Postby djbach » Fri Jul 20, 2018 6:01 am

I'm very new to L4C and barely getting started. Lots of questions but my first one relates to using GSAK. I purchased the add on GSAK Import but can't figure out how it's used. I've not been able to see an option to select from GSAK or even configure so my GSAK account is available. Can someone please step me through the process? I've watched the YouTube video about new features for L4C 2.1 but there's no sound and the examples are in German. Thanks. Don
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Re: Importing using GSAK

Postby PlasmaWave » Sun Aug 05, 2018 1:18 pm


I have not purchased the extension, so not sure I can help directly, BUT I do import GSAK gpx files into L4C regularly without using the extenson.

If you are interested, this is how it works (can give more details if needed):

1. Prepare the GSAK database to display whatever is to be sent to L4C
2. In GSAK >> Top left menu "File" >> "Export GPX/GGX/LOC file" >> save to a folder in your Dropbox account (or other cloud based storage account)
3. In L4C, create a new destination folder unless a convienient destination folder already exists
4. in L4C go to the home / list folder screen (top menu: 2nd 'text' icon) >> scroll to bottom below any folders >> click on "Import from file" >> L4C then takes you to the folder list screen >> click the folder where the GSAK file is to be saved
5. In L4C click the message under heading "File picker" >> click on Dropbox (or where the GSAK file was saved) >> find GSAK file and click it
6. L4C displays a screen, so select desired options >> click "Start Import" >> GSAK gpx file is imported into the L4C database for off-line use

I know this long answer wasn't what you asked for, but hope it might be useful and could help to use the extension and that will have automated my manual proceedure

Cheers, Richard
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