Error when using "Cache code" search

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Error when using "Cache code" search

Postby PlasmaWave » Sat Apr 07, 2018 2:02 pm

Using L4C Pro v2.4.8 (00282) with iPhone 7 Plus (128Gb)

I regularly get an error message saying L4C cannot find the cache when using the "Cache code" search screen. I am normally trying to load a single cache when this error happens.

Sequence = GC code is copied from the header of a notification e-mail and pasted into the "Cache Code" search box ... then "Search" is clicked ... messaged displays saying "Downloading Caches" but changes after a while to an error message saying "L4C cannot find caches". This is not due to a poor internet signal as I have good signal strength with both mobile and home WiFi ... the error happens with both.

Deleting the GC code and trying again usually gives the same error. Very occasionally by pasting the same GC code into the search box a second time, i.e. leaving the GC code from first attempt, but adding a comma before re-pasting a second time, the cache might load ... but usually it still does not load.

If L4C is shut-down and then restarted, the "Cache Code" search will then usually load the cache ok.

I tried uninstalling L4C Pro and reinstalling the app, but the problem still happens.

Not sure if linked to above issue, but sometimes I experience another problem where logs disappear if the cache screen is refreshed.

This usually happens when there are just a small number of logs plus the publication log showing, they all disappear. Tap "Logs" and go to the log screen and no logs are showing ... refreshing the main screen for the cache restores the logs.
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Re: Error when using "Cache code" search

Postby weichei5004 » Sun Apr 08, 2018 7:00 am

I can confirm this behavior. It seems that is a problem with the GC database. After a new cache is published it takes some seconds to find it.
I never tried in this situation to find it by the groundspeak web page but would be nice to see what happens.

You have to wait...

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Re: Error when using "Cache code" search

Postby PlasmaWave » Sun Apr 08, 2018 8:07 am

To answer Andreas's question ... when L4C cannot 'find' the newly published cache, it is definitely showing ok on website.

I found yesterday that by clicking "GPS file" option on the cache page, I could load the cache direct into L4C so avoiding using the "Cache Code" search screen, Last evening I used this method to load about 10 new caches into a L4C folder, but when those individual caches were 'refreshed' I saw a similar error message to that described in my original post. This morning, all 10 caches were 'reloading' without error!

Attached are two screen shots ... the error message when failing to load a new cache using "Cache Code" search screen and the second when trying to reload/refresh a new cache already in L4C.
Reloading error - refreshing exisiting cache.jpg
Reloading error - refreshing exisiting new cache in database
'Cache Code' search error - new cache.png
'Cache Code' search error - trying to load a new cache
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