Charter member and dropbox

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Charter member and dropbox

Postby natgild » Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:19 am

I am using the Pro version. It only shows me as a Basic geocaching member. I am a Charter member, a subset of premium members, that includes people that have been premium members since the incepetion of premium membership. Is it possible that l4c is not recognizing a charter member as a premium member?

Is there a tutorial of instructions for setting transferring a gpx file into l4c via Dropbox? I am having trouble.

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Re: Charter member and dropbox

Postby Thorsten » Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:58 pm


I just checked the Charter Member support. I had to add a piece of code because Groundspeak sends a different membership type between Premium and Charter.

The fix will be included in version 1.3 (will be released in about one month). Or you can send me your UDID to, then I can send you a special build including the charter member support (will be interesting for me if it works, because I have no possibility to test it as a charter member). If you want, you can get your UDID by clicking on your device in iTunes and then click on the serial number.

Importing gpx files from other apps (like Dropbox or Mail) has a error in the current version. It works only with gpx files contained in a zip archive. Version 1.2.1 fixed this error and is already in review by Apple (if all works well, it will be released this week). As soon as this error is fixed, you open the gpx file in dropbox and then tap on the icon on the lower right corner, then use "Open in L4C Pro".

Best, Thorsten
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