Images for pocket queries ?

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Images for pocket queries ?

Postby b13s » Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:32 am

When do the images for the pocket queries get loaded ? Only after the refresh of the cache ? Would it be possible to preload them during the import already (the same as geosphere does, sorry for mentioning this app yet again...) ? I end-up caching in a lot of places without any connections whatsoever and would be nice to have pictures available without refreshing the cache.
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Re: Images for pocket queries ?

Postby Thorsten » Sat Jan 12, 2013 5:53 pm

No problem, Geosphere is a good app...

Geosphere does something else here. Like I wrote in the other post there are different image-types in a listing:
  • Uploaded image on by the owner (for spoilers)
  • Uploaded image on by the owner and used as a image in the listing
  • Uploaded image on a other website and used as a image in the listing
  • Uploaded log images on

The gpx file contains no (ok. nearly no) informations about images. It only contains the listing text with the html which embeds the image.

Geosphere (in its current version) scans the listing text for this img-tags and downloads this pictues. For example look on this cache: GC332B8. This cache has 5 spoiler pictures, several user log pictures and two images uploaded on a other webserver that are used in the listing. Geosphere only gets the two images displayed in the listing, but the spoilers and log-images are not downloaded. It´s the same in Geosphere like in L4C, because the gpx don´t include the informations about the other images.

But the idea of Mark to scan the listing text for the img-tags is good. This I will include too. I have put it on my todo list. So it will be possible to download also images not uploaded to

Best, Thorsten
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