First .. Thanks for the first decent iPAD geocaching all

Here you get support in english

First .. Thanks for the first decent iPAD geocaching all

Postby pgamble » Sat Oct 06, 2012 7:58 pm

On Android there was c.geo. Nothing was really available for iPAD except the iPhone Groundspeak one which is pretty but limited.

I'm staggered there are so few reviews of this. It is slick and unbelievably complete.

My only issue is that with online maps even with a very good 3G signal, the map tiles usually don't appear after the first couple of scrolls up, down, left or right. When on wi-fi they do appear but they are still quite slow ... Not fluid like UKmaps and MotionX.

I'm planning to download the south east of England maps using the offline map process, but it would be better if map tiles would download reliably with 3G in case I'm somewhere I don't have offline maps for rendering the product useless whilst caching.

If you could let me know if you are close to a fix for this it would be great.

Re offline maps, are their restrictions at all ..I.e. the size of maps you can have as offline ? I suspect I'll want a couple of GB.

Anyway ... Thanks for a superb product ... I do have the PRO version.

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Re: First .. Thanks for the first decent iPAD geocaching all

Postby Thorsten » Mon Oct 08, 2012 5:45 pm

Hi Paul,

in version 1.2 or 1.3 I will upgrade the map framework. In a test environment I just test the extended framework. It will load the tiles faster (better network performance) and the display will be smoother (like zoom in uses the scaled tiles from the previous zoom until the other are loaded). It will be the same framework version as GeoBucket uses.

I don´t know about a limit of the offline files. Big map files makes the lookup for the tiles a little bit slower. I use a 1.3 GB file without problem.

The future plans of offline maps in L4C is using vector maps. But this is a bigger project I start after the main missing features are included. Then you can use .osm (or similar formats) directly in the app.

I hope I understand your questions, my english is not the best.. And thanks for the compliments!

Best, Thorsten
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Re: First .. Thanks for the first decent iPAD geocaching all

Postby pgamble » Mon Oct 08, 2012 6:55 pm

Thorsten ... your English is superb. I like most English people should be disgusted by our utter lack of ability to read, write or talk a foreign language.

You should also be hugely proud that you've delivered such a staggeringly polished product at a 1.1 version. I'm quite blown away to be honest.

If you'd like help with beta testers in the UK ... please do include me. We love caching ... my wife just got me to purchase a Samsung GSIII to replace her HTC Desire because she loves C.Geo and can't stand the Groundspeak product ... even though C.Geo has plenty of issues.

L4C is already far superior to both ... as long as mapping works on the move ... it will be perfect.

I have UKMaps ... love it ... but doesn't really allow integration for caching requirements .... Motion X GPS HD .... also superb as set of tools but not really suited to caching on it's own ... and a host of others. The latter two really show what drives me mad about the daft iOS ecosystem ... I have 2GB of the identical OSM stored twice for the two different maps ... why oh why can't Apple grow up and understand sharing of data on a device should be possible without breaking the security model ... then they may even realise that bluetoothing files and widgets are things people maybe justified in wanting .... oh dear ... sorry ... I tired.

Anyway, keep up the good work ... I look forward to developments.

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